The cost of an expert guide is minor whenever you are considering the expense of buying a boat, maintaining the boat, storing the boat, fishing license, fishing tackle, bait, and the time needed to acquire the experience one requires to catch fishes.  

Whenever you are hiring a professional, here are some considerations you need to make: 

Book the Charter as Early as Possible 

Almost all top-ranked professionals book charters early. Also, they need deposits to secure the book. In almost all occasion, you should avoid the weekend crowd as much as you can. Sport fishing Key West is really hard because of the weekend pressure. In addition to that, ensure to review the cancellation policy of the company you hire. A lot of professionals would withhold the deposit if you depart from the policy.  

Call for Information 

Almost all professional fishing charters offer toll-free numbers so customers could contact them for information at no cost. Aside from that, it is ideal to contact them early in the evening. This is because almost all guides spend their day on the sea with customers. Then, they crash early after a long day of extreme fishing.  

Talk your Desires 

Several charter companies specialize in a certain level of skills. Therefore, be sure you talk about your experience and skill level, and if any inexperienced fishers would come. Make sure also to mention if persons with special needs or small kids would be fishing.  

Ask The Guide if Lunch is offered 

A lot of companies offer soft drinks and water. However, they don’t offer lunch. A lot of them would offer lunch if you request it. Also, there are several areas where it’s customary for the customers to feed the guide.  


A lot of guides would allow you to bring your own equipment. However, talk with them ahead of time.  

Listen to the Guide 

Almost all guides want their clients to catch a fish as much as they do. Therefore, heed to the directions and instructions of your guide if you are serious about catching. The guide has the knowledge on how to read the ocean. The guide also knows what to look for. Thus, pay attention closely to what he or she says. 


Do Not Bring Alcoholic Drinks 

Ensure that you talk about it with the guide if you want to bring adult beverage with you. If alcohol is consumed, a lot of insurance policies would refuse the coverage. 

Do Not Wear Black Sole Shoes 

Most of the guides do their best to maintain the boat. That black scuff marks that comes from a black sole shoe is really hard to remove from the boat.  

Tip the Guide 

It’s traditional to tip the guide. When you consider preparing the equipment, tackle, and boat for the day and handling travel time, charter, and cleaning for the next day, and 8-hour charter is almost equivalent to a 10-hour workday. A ten percent gratuity is regular.