When picking for a door, there can be a lot of types and choices you can find in the market and it is not easy to pick when you lack knowledge about how to choose and information about the types of door that is good for you.  


As mentioned, there are several doors available that you may not even know exist in the market. Aside from the normal options, there are also Chicago handicapped door repair and installations that are available for any customers to avail of. This option is great if you have any seniors or anyone in the house that needs assistance when going in and out of the door. Besides this option, the common two are also preferred by many: sliding or hinges, and these two types will be the subject of today’s post.  



What is a hinge-door design? This door is attached to the door jamb through to or thee hinges: this is the typical number of hinges for a normal door, but if the door is wider, the hinges also need to be increased. These doors have been existing in ages and are the most common type of doors in the residences and commercial spaces.  


There are many advantages of hinged doors, which are the following: 

  • It saves more space – the inside surface of the door can be installed with hooks in order to hang items like bags, belts, and others. 
  • It has a better view – they can provide a clear view of the contents if placed in the wardrobe. 
  • It is easy to maintain – although hinges will get weak over time, they are easier to maintain compared to sliding because its mechanical structure only needs the door and the hinges and nothing more 
  • Good locking system – hinges also offer better locking system compared to sliding doors 
  • It is easier to operate – opening and closing the hinged door as becoming a matter of habit that we have so used it is actually very convenient compared to sliding doors.  


On the other hand, sliding doors are built to glide horizontally. This is made possible by the metal tracks fixed on the bottom and top frames. To open, it also has rollers on the side. These doors are commonly installed in places that lead to patios and backyards. Now, it has also been popularly installed in wardrobe doors and kitchen.  


Sliding doors also have advantages: 

  • They are glass friendly – glass doors are oftentimes very friendly when it comes to sliding door. They can be used for wardrobe doors. 
  • It has better ventilation – when you use a sliding door, you will be more exposed to the outside elements such as the air and the sun if the door is big enough to have that wide opening.  


Which is better? 

Both of these doors have advantages and it is up to you which of the two is better. You need to consider different things, not just the advantages it provides to you but also the pricing and what type of door is suited for your building or house.